The Complete Landings

2nd February 2012 The Complete Landings Sustain-Release

This version comprises the Third Edition of the Landings book, which significantly expands on the previously published text, adding new writing from 2009-2011 as well as further research into the toponymic and linguistic heritage of the landscape.

The book is accompanied by The Complete Landings – a high-quality digital download of the three albums in the Landings Series:

Carousell – Landings (28th June 2006)
Richard Skelton – Landings (28th June 2009)
Richard Skelton -Rapture (28th June 2011)

01. Stolen Ground (35:28)
02. Noon Hill Wood (8;26)
03. Scar Tissue (1:56)
04. Threads Across the River (8:19)
05. Green Withins Brook (4:27)
06. Of the Last Generation (7:07)
07. Undertow (6;26)
08. Voice of the Book (7;26)
09. Rapture (2:00)
10. Pariah (4;43)
11. River Song (6:38)
12. Remaindered (5;34)
13. The Shape Leaves (7:01)
14. Rapture (Reprise) (36:16)


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