Crow Autumn

9th February 2010 A Broken Consort – Crow Autumn Tompkins Square TSQ2349 (vinyl)

Day Reveals 1:12

A Mercy Kill 5:51

Like Rain 2:49

Mountains Ash 12:17

The River 13:37

Beneath 4:03

Leaves 4:47

Release Notes:

Issued in an edition of 500 copies.

The Tompkins Square version of Crow Autumn features re-workings of material which previously appeared on Crow Autumn and Crow Autumn (Part Two)

also released on cd:

9th February 2010 A Broken Consort – Crow Autumn Tompkins Square TSQ2332 (cd)

The first 100 copies of the vinyl and cd edition came with ‘Dyad’, an exclusive bonus cd-r of rare, unreleased and collaborative tracks:

A Broken Consort – Severance 5:20

The original version of a collaboration with Agitated Radio Pilot,  a small portion of which was used as the introduction to “Earthfasts” on the “World Winding Down” album.  The version on Dyad is the piece in its entirety, segued into some new string arrangements.

Saddleback – Gerroa Thursday 6:15

Previously released in December 2008 on the album ‘Everything’s Open To Interpretation’ by Sabbleback (Preservation PRE006x)

Heidika – Limn (Original Version) 3:10

A previously unreleased, improvised sketch for mandolin and concertina.

Richard Skelton – The Shape Leaves (Early Version) 6:54

Previously released as “Untitled by Richard Skelton” on the ‘Dreamsheep’ compilation.

Heidika – Limn (Reworked) 3:15

Previously released on 26 January 2010 on the album ‘With Friends Like These…….’  (Tursa/Kaparte Promotions TURSA100)

Machinefabriek & Richard Skelton – Daas 7:42

Subsequently released on 19 April 2010 on the album ‘Daas’ by Machinefabriek (Cold Spring CSR128CD)

This version of Crow Autumn also appears on:

A Broken Consort – The Complete Crow Autumn


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