Heidika ~ There Is No Cure & Other Songs
Carousell ~ A Dead Bridges Into Dust
Harlassen ~ A Way Now
Carousell ~ Landings
A Broken Consort ~ The Shape Leaves
Heidika ~ ‘Undertow’ on A Ride Across the Skies on a Knife Dipped In Blood
Riftmusic ~ Riftmusic No 1
A Broken Consort ~ Box of Birch
‘Earthfasts’ on Agitated Radio Pilot ~ World Winding Down
Clouwbeck ~ A Moraine
A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn
Heidika ~ Tide of Bells & the Sea
Richard Skelton ~ Marking Time
‘Gerroa Thursday’ on Saddleback ~ Everything’s A Love Letter/Everything’s Open To Interpretation
‘Dulcimer Music 5’ on Plinth ~ Dulcimer Music
‘A for Andromeda’ on United Bible Studies ~ The Jonah
Richard Skelton ~ ‘Untitled’ on Dreamsheep (Volume 1) 10 March 2009
A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Part Two)
Carousell ~ Black Swallow & Other Songs
Autumn Grieve ~ Stray Birds
Richard Skelton ~ Landings
Clouwbeck ~ Wolfrahm
Heidika ~ ‘Limn’ on With Friends Like These…….
A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn
Clouwbeck ~ From Which the River Rises
Autumn Grieve – ‘The Calling’ on Vertical Integration
*AR ~ Wolf Notes
*SKURA, a collection
A Broken Consort ~ The Complete Crow Autumn
Richard Skelton – Black Combe
Richard Skelton ~ The Complete Landings
Richard Skelton – Ridgelines
Richard Skelton – Verse Of Birds
Richard Skelton – Liminology
Richard Skelton – Riftmusic (Part Two)
Richard Skelton – Ivystrung


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